Saying Goodbye to the Kids

Have the kids left home? Then welcome to the empty nest club! After years of having children at home it's a big change to be without them. In some ways it's like going back to life before having children, but with a totally different focus on goals, wants and desires. So, after all this time, here you are looking at finance options after the kids have all moved out.

This is an ideal time to assess your lifestyle and financial goals. Maybe a change of pace or a change of scenery? A city apartment with more time to yourself is the answer for some, while others prefer to stay within the same area and renovate the family home or downsize to a new home. Yet others take hold of the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream to take a long vacation, or to buy a vacation home or hobby farm.

Whatever you choose, it's your choice and yours alone, and it's all about freedom and lifestyle. At Classic Home Loans our mortgage originators can help you work out the best options on the money side of things, simply and efficiently.

We deal with hundreds of loans sourced from several different banks and lending institutions. We also keep our fingers on the pulse of dozens more, so we know what loans are out there. Our originators are located right here in your area and are happy to discuss loan options, the amount you'll be able to borrow and interest rates, and to assist you in getting approval for your application.

To get information about your options and the structure of repayments for the home loans, contact one of our originators. It is sad saying even a temporary goodbye to your children, but there may now be a whole new world open to you.