Cashflow Problems

Cashflow Problems

You don't need to be a 'big spender' to find yourself having money problems and in a position where you need quick and relatively easy access to a substantial sum of money. Emergencies can arise such as illness or accident, a child or a grandchild needing assistance, unexpected loss of work or erratic income, a sudden influx of outgoing expenses, and the list goes on and on. Basically, you're running out of or don't have enough cash and you need help.

With the increasing financial pressure we find ourselves under in this country just for every day expenses, let alone the extras that make life a little more comfortable, it is all too easy to suddenly find you are exceeding your income and have too many debts and payments to be made.

Debt consolidation is one option that enables you to combine all your payments – credit cards, personal loans etcetera – and keep your finger on the pulse of just how much you owe to ensure you don't miss a payment, and to help you manage your monthly cashflow.

If you own your own house or another property, you actually have significant equity tied up in your home or property. If you borrow against this equity you can access financial help at rates than can be much cheaper than running up credit card debt. But just remember that it usually takes longer to pay these loans off.

Refinancing your loan is another option to bring your cashflow blowout under control. By refinancing your home, you can consolidate all your debts and repayments under the one payment.

Whatever your choice, Classic Home Loans has mortgage loan originators that can help you work out the best solution to cover your money worries, simply and efficiently. We are happy to advise you on your best options and on how to gain approval to take our financial assistance against your mortgage.