Life Events

Where Are You in Your Life? Make the best choices for your future At Classic Home Loans we recognize that people and their situations are all different and that there is no single home loan product that is right for everybody.

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  • Life's Events Overview

    Choices - Every family goes through life's events and has choices to make. We can help you get into the home of your dreams.

  • Earning More

    Want to move on up to a better more expensive house? We can help you to sell one day and buy the next. Let us show you.

  • Getting Married

    Just getting started is a very exciting time. Big plans and dreams for the future. A house for your family is a big part.

  • Having a Baby

    A new addition to the family means more space needed. Find the perfect house for your family and let us help.

  • Receiving a Windfall

    Are you coming into some money? Investing it in just the right way is important. We can help.

  • Saying Goodbye to the Kids

    The kids have all gone off to college or out on their own and it's time to relax. Maybe you are thinking of down sizing?

  • Starting My First Job

    Just starting out and don't know if you should buy a house yet? We can show you the difference in renting and owning.

  • Suddenly in a Bigger Family

    Yours, Mine, and Ours? We can help you get into a bigger house if you're running out of room.

  • Changing My Environment

    Thinking of a move? We can help you to get established in your new location. Get your pre-approval today.

  • Paying Off your Mortgage Faster

    Everyone wants to be debt free. Let us show you how to pay off your mortgage faster.